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over on the great consumer blog, their tip of the week concerns something people should know about using credit cards in costa rica:

¿Le ha sucedido que cuando va a pagar un artículo en un comercio le indican que le harán descuento solamente si paga en efectivo, pero que no se lo realizarán si paga con tarjeta?

¿O le ha pasado que en el negocio le dicen que le aceptarán la tarjeta (de débito o de crédito) a partir de compras de ¢1.000 o más?

has a business ever told you that you could receive a discount on an item if you used cash and not a credit card, or said a card purchase had to be for at least 1,000 colones or more? well those are both common, and illegal business practices.

included is a link explaining how to report  these or other consumer abuses (spanish only).

Tip de la semana: Comercios no pueden eliminar descuentos ni fijar mínimos de compra al usar tarjeta |

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