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the rainfall in puerto viejo is……all over the map!

charlotte siems heffner posted a chart of measured rainfall 2002-2011 over in the PV open forum on facebook. the one pattern that emerges is that there is not much consistency year on year. also, it doesn’t appear clear that global warming has changed the weather here, as some have contended over the last couple of […]

pro mani

i eat a lot of the pro mani salado, and tonight i looked up the website of the company. turns out that it is part of pozuelo snacks, and it claims these health benefits for peanuts: Beneficios de comer maní Contienen grasas mono saturadas, vitamina e, acido fólico, magnesio, proteínas, fibra y son ricos en […]

costa rica’s minister of tourism likes puerto viejo

in an interview with the tico times, second term Tourism Minister Allan Flores reveals his partiality to the caribe sur: Where does the tourism minister vacation? My mother’s family comes from Limón (on the Caribbean coast), so that’s why I usually enjoy places such as Gandoca, Puerto Viejo and Punta Uva. To me those are […]